A New Additon for Marcus Semien and His Family

Marcus Semien, the Texas Rangers’ second baseman, and his wife Tarah recently welcomed their fourth child, a baby girl named Amelie Carol Anne. The couple made the decision to induce labor during the break before the AL Championship Series to ensure that Marcus could be present for the birth of their daughter. Tarah informed Marcus of the plan immediately after the Rangers’ victory in the Division Series against Baltimore. The timing seemed right, and they scheduled the induction during the days off. This was a different experience for the couple, as they had never induced labor before. However, they believed it was important for Marcus to be there for the arrival of their newest family member.

A Joyful Reunion

On Friday, Marcus Semien rejoined his team after spending a few days with his family for the birth of their daughter. Amelie Carol Anne was born on Thursday, and both mother and baby are in good health. Marcus expressed his joy at having a daughter, as their three sons were ecstatic to welcome a little sister into the family. Tarah, though not overwhelmed by the attention, enjoyed being surrounded by her protective sons. It was a beautiful and heartwarming moment for the Semien family.

The middle names of Marcus and Tarah’s daughter, Amelie, were carefully chosen to honor family members. Carol is the name of Marcus’s grandmother, while Anne is Tarah’s mother’s middle name. By incorporating these names, the Semien family wanted to pay tribute to the important people in their lives. It was a thoughtful decision that adds an extra layer of significance to their daughter’s name.

Marcus Semien’s dedication and commitment to both his family and his team have not gone unnoticed. He played in all 162 games this season, making him one of only two American League players to achieve this feat. Texas manager Bruce Bochy commended Semien’s work ethic and reliability on and off the field. Semien’s ability to consistently perform at a high level while prioritizing his family is a testament to his character and professionalism.

The arrival of Amelie Carol Anne is a moment of joy and celebration for the Semien family. Marcus Semien’s decision to schedule the induction of labor during an off day exemplifies his commitment to being present for his family’s important milestones. With the support of his wife Tarah and their four children, Semien continues to excel in his career while cherishing the moments that truly matter. The Semien family’s story serves as an inspiration to others, reminding us all of the importance of balancing family and career.


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