Is Ryan Garcia Ready for a Comeback and Headlining a Big Event?

According to Oscar De La Hoya, the return of Ryan Garcia is expected to happen in mid-November. Despite his defeat to Gervonta Davis in his last fight, De La Hoya believes it’s time to start planning for Garcia’s comeback. There are ongoing discussions with Garcia’s team and DAZN to finalize the venue and opponents for his return. De La Hoya is optimistic that an official announcement will be made soon.

Navigating the Career Path

De La Hoya acknowledges the immense popularity of Ryan Garcia, stating that wherever he goes, he can fill up an arena. As promoters, their goal is to navigate Garcia’s career in the best possible way, aiming for him to reach the elite top of the boxing world. However, he did not provide specific details regarding his legal battle with Garcia, simply stating that everything will be resolved and the recent disagreement was just a minor bump in the road.

Despite the loss to Gervonta Davis, De La Hoya recognizes Garcia’s status as a bona fide star in boxing. He highlights Garcia’s impressive achievement of attracting over two million pay-per-view homes for his fight against Davis. De La Hoya remains confident that Garcia’s defeat should not have a detrimental impact on his overall career. He believes that if Garcia can embark on a winning streak, he will quickly regain his position at the top of the boxing world.

De La Hoya discusses the possibility of a huge event for Garcia in the near future, specifically mentioning Super Bowl Weekend. He believes that Garcia could be the sole fighter capable of headlining such an occasion. However, for this to materialize, Garcia would need to face a top-tier or well-known opponent. De La Hoya emphasizes that the fight must be for a world title and against a significant name in the sport. Teofimo Lopez and Adrien Broner are mentioned as potential opponents.

De La Hoya asserts that Garcia remains in control of his career, indicating that he still holds substantial influence in the boxing world. This implies that Garcia has the ability to choose the direction of his next fight and solidify his standing as one of the biggest names in the sport.

The anticipation for Ryan Garcia’s comeback lingers, with mid-November being the target date for his return. Oscar De La Hoya, along with Garcia’s team and DAZN, are working together to finalize the venue and opponents. Despite Garcia’s loss to Gervonta Davis, he is still considered a rising star in boxing and is capable of drawing large crowds. De La Hoya is confident that Garcia’s defeat is merely a setback, and with a winning streak, he can quickly reclaim his position at the top. There is potential for Garcia to headline a major event, such as Super Bowl Weekend, as long as he faces a top-tier opponent and the fight is for a world title. Ultimately, the power lies in Garcia’s hands as he continues to navigate his career and solidify his status as one of the sport’s most prominent names.


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