Las Vegas Raiders Coach Supports All-Pro Receiver Davante Adams’ Venting

Las Vegas Raiders’ coach, Josh McDaniels, has expressed his support for All-Pro receiver, Davante Adams, who recently made comments about not being on the same page with the team regarding the franchise’s direction. McDaniels stated that Adams has a valuable voice and opinion due to his experience and hard work throughout his career. He added that he has immense respect for anything that Adams suggests or says. McDaniels acknowledged that Adams is a fierce competitor who wants to win and that he has been an excellent leader during the team’s spring football training.

Adams’ Comments

Adams, who has been named first-team All-Pro for the past three seasons and a six-time Pro Bowler, was acquired by the Raiders in a major trade from the Green Bay Packers last year. Speaking to The Ringer, he expressed his support for the Raiders’ general manager, Dave Ziegler, and McDaniels. However, he also said he was unapologetically himself and that he sometimes gets taken out of context when speaking. He added that he was looking forward to working with the new quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo, and that he was ecstatic about it.

Adams took to social media to clarify his comments, stating that he has a great relationship with Ziegler and McDaniels and that he values their relationship. He said that people often misinterpret his statements or misunderstand them. He mentioned that he didn’t know Garoppolo well before he arrived, but he was looking forward to catching passes from him.

Difficult Decisions

McDaniels did not comment on whether Garoppolo had offseason surgery, but he did say that the quarterback’s rehab was going well. Garoppolo signed a three-year, $72.75 million free-agent contract with the Raiders this offseason, with $45 million guaranteed. However, he has not been on the field for the start of the team’s organized team activities (OTAs) due to a left foot injury. McDaniels stated that the decisions that he and Ziegler make regarding the team’s direction are sometimes difficult, and he does not expect everyone to agree with all of their choices.

McDaniels has expressed his support for Adams and his right to express his opinion. He acknowledged Adams’ valuable contribution to the team and his leadership qualities. Adams clarified his comments, stating that he has a great relationship with the team’s management and is looking forward to working with the new quarterback. Garoppolo’s injury has prevented him from taking part in the team’s OTAs, but McDaniels stated that the rehabilitation process was going well.


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