The Fallout from Jermell Charlo’s Loss and the Potential Crawford vs Canelo Fight

The recent fight between Jermell Charlo and Canelo Alvarez left many boxing fans and critics disappointed. Charlo, considered one of the top welterweight contenders, failed to deliver a performance that showcased his skills and aggression. Instead, he chose a defensive strategy that focused on survival rather than going for the win. This decision did not sit well with the boxing community, including undisputed welterweight champion Terence Crawford, who took to Twitter to express his criticism. Crawford tweeted, “You went out sad. Didn’t even try to win, all you did was try to survive. You should be ashamed of yourself.”

Charlo’s lackluster performance against Canelo has undoubtedly affected his standing in the boxing world. His reputation as a skilled and aggressive fighter has taken a significant hit. Fans and critics are now questioning his ability to compete at the highest level and whether he has what it takes to challenge top fighters in the division. The disappointment in Charlo’s performance was not limited to Crawford’s criticism; it reverberated across social media platforms, with boxing enthusiasts expressing their dissatisfaction with the outcome.

Interestingly, while Charlo’s reputation suffered, Crawford’s name emerged as a potential opponent for Canelo. The welterweight champ himself expressed his desire to fight Canelo in a post-fight interview. However, Crawford was quick to dismiss any interest in facing Charlo after witnessing his lackluster performance. In a tweet, Crawford stated, “Ok, y’all, I’m over @TwinCharlo, he’s no longer on my hit list. He went out there and laid down and let Canelo spank him like he was his daddy with no type of resistance.” Instead, Crawford directed his accolades towards Canelo, congratulating him on his victory and remarking, “You made the so-called lion look like a baby cub.”

The idea of a showdown between Crawford and Canelo has sparked excitement within the boxing community. Both fighters are undisputed champions in their respective weight classes, and a clash between the two would undoubtedly draw a massive audience. However, there are concerns about the size difference between the two men. Canelo is a super middleweight, while Crawford fights in the welterweight division. Even at a catchweight, the size advantage for Canelo would be considerable. Nonetheless, Crawford’s aggressive style and determination to win make the potential bout intriguing. It could be a dangerous challenge for Crawford, but one he seems willing to undertake.

As Charlo looks to bounce back from his defeat against Canelo, he will need to address the criticisms and doubts surrounding his performance. It remains to be seen whether he can regain the confidence of fans and rebuild his reputation as an elite fighter. Charlo will likely take some time to reflect and make adjustments to his training and fighting approach. However, in the competitive world of professional boxing, a single loss can have lasting consequences. Charlo will need to prove himself in his next fight and show that he has learned from this experience.

Jermell Charlo’s disappointing performance against Canelo Alvarez has had a significant impact on his reputation as a top contender. The boxing community, including Terence Crawford, criticized Charlo’s defensive strategy and lack of aggression. Crawford’s dismissal of Charlo and his expressed interest in fighting Canelo has sparked excitement about a potential matchup between the two champions. However, the size difference between them poses a challenge. As Charlo looks to recover, his next fight will be crucial in determining whether he can regain his status as a top fighter.


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