The Value of Running Backs in the NFL: A Shift in Perspective

Jonathan Taylor, the All-Pro running back for the Indianapolis Colts, recently secured a new three-year, $42 million contract, marking a significant shift in the current landscape for players at his position. In an industry where elite running backs have struggled to secure long-term deals, Taylor’s success not only benefits him personally but also highlights the importance of running backs in the NFL. This article delves into Taylor’s journey, the Colts’ recognition of the position’s value, and the potential for a formidable running back duo.

Saquon Barkley and Josh Jacobs, two talented running backs, experienced disappointment in their attempts to secure long-term contracts during the offseason. This period has been particularly challenging for the running back position, with many teams reluctant to invest in the position due to various factors such as injury concerns and evolving offensive strategies. However, Taylor’s recent contract with the Colts represents a departure from this trend, signaling a potential shift in the perception of running backs’ value.

The Colts’ recent game against the Tennessee Titans showcased the significance of a proficient running back. Although Taylor played a limited role in his return from the injury list, running back Zack Moss stepped up and led the team to victory, rushing for a career-high 165 yards and two touchdowns. Moss’s exceptional performance highlighted his importance in the team’s overall strategy and demonstrated the impact a reliable running back can have on the outcome of a game.

In their victory against the Titans, the Colts heavily relied on their running game, particularly during the decisive final drive. With just over eight minutes remaining in the game, the Colts embarked on a 14-play, 84-yard drive that ultimately secured the win. Moss played a crucial role in this drive, contributing 63 total yards, including a 26-yard reception and a 13-yard run. The team’s ability to lean on Moss in critical moments exemplifies the trust and value placed on running backs in high-pressure situations.

Despite Taylor’s limited involvement in his return game, he expressed his belief in the immense potential of the partnership between him and Moss. Taylor acknowledged that the Colts’ recent games have hinted at the possibilities that lie ahead once he fully regains his form. The combination of Taylor’s explosive running style and Moss’s reliability could prove to be a formidable force for the Colts and create significant challenges for opposing defenses.

Taylor’s journey to secure his new contract was not without its challenges. Dealing with injuries and the uncertainty surrounding his future took a toll on him mentally. However, through perseverance and the support of his loved ones, Taylor emerged victorious, achieving his goal of a new contract and solidifying his position in the league. His experience serves as a reminder of the mental and emotional struggles professional athletes face and the importance of a strong support system.

Taylor’s contract represents more than just a personal victory. It signifies a potential shift in the perspective of NFL teams regarding the value of running backs. While the position has faced skepticism in recent years, Taylor’s contract demonstrates that running backs can still have a substantial impact on the game and deserve the security and recognition they seek. As teams continue to witness the success of players like Taylor and Moss, it is likely that the perception of running backs will evolve, leading to a more favorable landscape for future negotiations.

Jonathan Taylor’s new contract with the Indianapolis Colts is a testament to the value of running backs in the NFL. His triumph, coupled with the Colts’ reliance on Zack Moss during their recent victory, highlights the importance of a proficient running back in a team’s success. Taylor’s journey serves as a reminder of the challenges professional athletes face and the need for a robust support system. As the league continues to witness the impact of exceptional running backs, it is hopeful that the value and recognition of the position will evolve, ensuring a brighter future for upcoming negotiations.


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